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Content Marketing: How to Attract, Engage and Convert with Content

In a post published on Top Rank Blog titled 21 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2015 most authorities in the Internet marketing industry say that content is going to be big this year and will continue to flourish in the coming years.

digital marketing
Be it known that content has been and will forever be a big chunk to the success of your marketing campaign. If you are looking to attract prospects, convert them to loyal customers and keep them coming back – advertisements are outdated and ineffective. You need a killer content marketing strategy.

With smart content marketing and winning social media tactics, your business will no doubt rein the first pages of search engines. Content marketing and social media go hand in hand –together, they are a powerful marketing tool that can boost your business threefold. Content is currency. Work hard on the efficacy of your content but don’t forget to focus on relationships.

How does content marketing work? While advertisers interrupt people’s attention with ads, we learned that content marketing does the opposite. Content attracts customers using valuable, relevant, and compelling content delivered consistently. With it, you establish connections and gain people’s trust which eventually will lead to sales.

Content can be anything from a blog post, podcast, or web video. You produce your own content. You should position yourself as author in your niche or industry.

Where to start with content strategy?

First, find out “who is your target market?”

It is essential to have a sound understanding of whom you want to communicate with:
• Set an objective
• End result

Once you know your industry, you can build an editorial plan around it using tools and tactics that would boost your content. The key is consistency. Most businesses fail because they stop producing content. Content is a promise to your customers, keep it.
“If you build a loyal audience, magic can happen in the business” says, Joe Pulizzi in his podcast via Social Media Examiner.


1. Attract Prospects – People seek solutions. Your objective is to create awareness and define the solution that meets the customers’ concern especially when making a buying decision. Successful brands and businesses use social networking platforms to communicate with prospects and direct them to the material or product that provide answer the customer’s needs or concerns. To do this effectively, you must craft informational articles.

People through social media are constantly curating, sharing, and consuming high-quality, and insightful content.

Another way to get your audience’s attention is through raising awareness of your services or products through educational or training webinars or seminars.

You can demonstrate your expertise through informational webinars and seminars while providing the audience the information they need during the research phase of the buying process.

Note that: Discussions about your services and/ products begin within social networks however you may encounter the need to add additional content to support a thought. Ensure that those communicating with prospects via social media are aware of the resources your business has available for prospective customers.

2. Convert Audience to Customers – The second question people ask during the buying process is “Which is the right solution?”

Businesses that effectively convert prospects to new customers via social media produce and distribute content showing proof points. Content that meets this goal shows that your solution provides a higher and more reliable value than other solutions.

To do this effectively, a great promotional tool and tactic would be the use of an explainer video- where you can show off your product or service to potential customers with great ease and enthusiasm.

Another piece of content that builds the type of trust that closes that sale is the case study or testimonial. This type of content proves that customers have had success with your solution.

Last but not the least, content that converts leads into sales is white papers. For Business-to-Business marketers, white papers are a must-have content used by prospects to assist them in their decision-making.

Note that: Creating content that provides proof that potential customers are looking for before they decide to spend their hard-earned money. Don’t forget the importance of distributing content to social media channels.

3. Maintain Customer Relationship – Finally, the last question that pops into a buyer’s mind is, “Am I happy with the decision I made?”

This time the goal is about retention and referral. Businesses effectively use content and social media to keep customers happy and coming back for more. Support documentation is one example of content that does a good job at retaining customers. Another type of content that successfully boosts customer loyalty is a documentation of best practices.

While the case study is meant to convert prospects to customers, it is also used to retain customers because of the guidance it provides to existing customers.

Note that: We’ve all learned that it’s easier to keep existing customers than to find new ones. Leverage content through the good use and smart practice of social media and content marketing as a customer-solutions and services tool to increase satisfaction and referral.

In Conclusion

Content Marketing and Social Media are two hearts that beat as one. Without the other, one will lack its sense of purpose and fall short of efficacy.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are not always a prime spot for conversations. To attract, engage and convert your audience, content marketing and social media hand in hand should be part of a flawless marketing, sales and customer-service blueprint.

Whatever your niche, your customers are active in social media. Make sure you have a well-calculated content marketing strategy and support your social media team with the information they need to distribute the content that solve your markets’ concerns and needs.

How to Boost Your Brand and Business with Twitter Chats


We have evolved into a society where real-time communication has become our way to surviving this fast-paced, techno-infused life. We are a digital, social and mobile generation. According to Flurry statistics, mobile usage grows 76% year over year. Lifestyle, productivity, social, fitness and travel rank accordingly.



Other than Facebook (as the leading social network), Twitter placing second, is considered to be one of the best channels to grow and expand your network including your business. So, if you have not yet considered incorporating Twitter to your marketing strategy, it’s about time to look into it. If you’re skeptical, this article will show you 5 definite ways you can boost your business with Twitter’s Tweet Chat.


What is Twitter chat or Tweet Chat? It is platform allowing real-time discussion on various niche topics using hashtags where people join to share and learn knowledge and expertise in their business.



Prospect leads and expand network – One unique and effective way of achieving this is by holding an event where you can bring people together to engage, learn and build stronger ties and deeper relationships. Not all businesses are able to hold an event or seminar but every business can host a Twitter chat.

To hold a successful Twitter chat (connecting your business to your potential market), you need to choose a niche topic that’s relevant to the voice of your audience.

For instance, HubSpot holds weekly Twitter chats that talk about the science and data of inbound marketing. Through this, webinars on inbound marketing are hosted (this makes an awesome lead generation tool) for the business. According to Cybranding hastag metrics “Hashtagify”, #scichat makes an average of 12 million impressions per week. How awesome is that?

As host, you can be sure to gain a multitude of new followers each time you hold the chat. As your chat becomes popular, your business will grow with it too.

Establish authority – Social media is a common platform where brand and businesses use to leverage authority in their niche and in the eyes of their customers. What’s a surefire way to boost make your presence known? Guest and be proactive in answering questions or providing insights in your area of expertise.


TWITTER_INFLUENCERSo you’re interested in joining a Twitter chat, how do you get invited to participate? Again, the key is to actively participate in Twitter chats and get to know the host the chat, connect with the host and tweet him or her on a regular basis. Becoming known as a valuable resource in the Twitter chat will ultimately drive you to become an authority.

If you want to step up and stand out, simply send the host an email and tell the host about your interest to guest chat. With the aim to generate leads online, make sure to update and optimize your Twitter profile before building your way into authority. For instance, if you are a social media specialist, make sure to add a link to your website or service page, book or product.

Sometimes (unexpectedly), you not only generate leads but also get offers to collaborate and be part of something bigger especially when they find you knowledgeable in your topic.

Connect on a personal level – As an active contributor in a Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge to customers and even colleagues. The more you participate, the more relationships you build the more you get recognized in your industry.
Each time you partake in a Twitter chat and contribute valuable advice and comments, you’ll gain new followers, generate leads for your business as people in and around your industry connect with you, so make sure your Twitter profile is designed and used to its full potential. The aim of your profile is to let people learn about you and your business.




Stay informed – Not everything about Twitter chat involves your business. It could be an educational experience for you too. As spectator, your objective is to discover Twitter chats where you can find a gold mine of professionals and experts in your niche. Marketing specialists, for instance, find educational opportunities in this Twitter chat list.

Promote your business – If you find a particular Twitter chat that attracts and engages your target market, it would be smart for you to connect with the host of the chat about sponsoring. Sponsorship packages depends on the Twitter chat niche you’re interested in however in general they include several of the following opportunities:

o Mention of your business as the sponsor during the Twitter or when recapping
o Promotion of services and/ products as the chat is hosted
o Position business as featured guest of the chat that gives way for you to work with that host on questions that amplify and market your business
o Advertise on websites or banners devoted to Twitter chats

**To find sponsorship opportunities relevant to your niche, Google search Twitter chat sponsorships.

In Conclusion

The beauty of Twitter chats: With hundreds of applicable niche topics touching every phase of your business, including some of the most reputable leaders in the industry hosting these chats, getting involved in it is a sure fire way to leverage your personal brand and business.


Remember that before deciding to partake a Twitter chat as guest or host, make sure to find and observe a chat within your niche so you know how it flows.

There are several and varied Twitter chats happening on a daily basis and you can spot them on this Twitter chat schedule from Tweet Reports or by simply searching Google for a keyword + Twitter chat.

If you are already involved in a Twitter chat, what are the benefits it provides your business?

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Once a trend, Instagram (launched in 2010 by genius co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom) has evolved to one of the best developed promotional tools that have become adamant to every online business’ marketing tactic. It is now widely used for advancing into the social sphere of the large internet marketing industry – where everyone gambles their way into success.instagram

How is Instagram helpful to your business? With more than 150m users and a continuously multiplying number on a global scale, this image and web video social free-sharing platform can significantly increase your brand or business’ online presence.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter (two of the most on demand social platforms to date), Instagram does not cater to one-niche services, product or business, does not have built-in visibility or metrics, or paid ad options. People enjoy using Instagram because it’s:

Simple and user-friendly – Instagram enables users to customize photos creating artistic masterpieces with a personal touch. From the app, you can link and share posts to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email – automatically.

Visual story-telling with no ad pop ups – Both technology and experience allow people to establish online presence through visual storytelling that gives room to creativity and continuity than most platforms.

Suits people’s needs to a T – Combining the best of both worlds (mobile and photo sharing) to come up with a unique platform that offers real value to web based businesses. Personal or company brands can take advantage of these two, in one action.

Get started with Instagram by simply signing up for a free account (if you have a Twitter account, we suggest using the same name as your Twitter handle), add a profile photo (brand logo) and a link to your website and don’t forget your account to Facebook – let your network know they can follow you there!

It’s an easy set-up but utilizing Instagram can be confusing to some. So whether you’re new to this or have some knowledge about it, you can still learn a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of Instagram:


Create posts that

Display your products – It could be the whole product line or a specific selection. Hashtagging your images is an important part of the sharing process. By using #keyword people will be able to find or identify whatever they are looking for – be it a product, service, answer or brand.

Map out the process – Share the world step by step photos of the manufacturing process or how. People appreciate transparency.

Let people take a peep into “behind-the-scenes” scene – People are naturally curious so bring able to give them a glimpse into actions that take place behind the business is always a good way to make your audience have a feel of say, an event, a class, a photo shoot session.

Show before-and-after results – This strategy helps people who are involved in fashion, beauty and interior design or building industries. Make a collage of before and after images to showcase your skills.

Showcase your workstation – Build a personal connection by showing your audience where the magic happens.

Share your world – If you’re attending a conference, event or workshop let people have a feel of that experience through image story-telling.

Introduce your people – Reveal the fun and creative vibe of your workforce and how they put into good use your product or service.

Throw an Instagram contest and give out rewards– Offer freebies, discounts or incentives and ask your followers to part take, tag a friend and even possibly share the reward. It always keeps the ball rolling!


Captivate and engage the audience


Use relevant and appropriate hashtags –Hashtags are the key element to going viral. How to use a hashtag effectively? #keyword – could be a word or phrase anything you think that would help people find your product, service, business and even your personal brand. Limit using 5 hashtags to a photo post.

Involve your customers – Tell your customers or loyal fan base to take photos of them showing off a product they purchased from you or the result of your services using a specific hashtag so that when people type it in, they automatically find a collection of photos. If you’re on the ecommerce business, provide a link to the product page.

Reach out – Respond to comment, requests and questions by following, commenting or liking back.

Cross-channel publish content– Publish a post on several social media platforms and link your Instagram account.

Ask for feedback – Businesses or companies succeed because their customers help them so. One of the best ways is to ask your customers feedback: What do you like best about our products or services? How can we be of better service to you? People outside your business see the good and bad points. This will help you reassess and make right the wrong.

Throw promotions – Give your customer the opportunity to gain a free product, opportunity or experience and don’t forget to hashtag. You’ll be surprised how your follower base multiply exponentially by this tactic.


Measure Success

No online business succeeds without metrics. Metrics is relevant to helping you determine where your business is and where it’s going.


Track and measure hashtags – Get valuable information on your campaign.

Account reporting – Learn more about your followers and how the tricks of the trade impact the success of both your network and business.

Measure competition – Find out how your campaign positioned you in other companies. Find out how you can stay ahead of the game.


In conclusion, as the old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words” As it still very much stands true, with Instagram, one picture could mean a thousand likes and shares! In addition to that, Instagram 15-second short, video clips make the sharing experience all the more fun and exciting!
Are you using Instagram yet? Tell us how you’re using Instagram to promote your business!

Walking in the dark without website analytics?

Most businesses fail to recognize the importance of metrics especially when building web presence. Without metrics, how would entrepreneurs gauge and find loopholes in their online business?

Metrics help identify patterns, trends, problem areas and forecast successes. Before making major decisions, startups consult their metrics. However, with millions of websites out there, tracking growth and competition on the web can be a real challenge.

Thanks to Google Analytics, collecting and analyzing data, monitoring and managing a site is made easier. This powerful, free tool is meant to clarify and shed light to businesses or Internet marketers by providing insight from keywords, design elements to any bit of information needed to improve online presence.

Newbies get a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure Google Analytics out. If you’re one of them and feel dumbfounded or your website has been walking in the dark for some time now, it’s time to be enlightened. Here’s our guide to the basics of Google Analytics:


Google Analytics Home

Once you have your Google Analytics account set up, the next step is to embed the code on your website.

Establish a profile for the website that you’d like to monitor and manage and the step-by-step process will automatically generate a script that you can copy/paste. If you’re using blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress or a content management system you only need to install the code once to your theme or template.



If your website is custom-built, you’ll need to manually embed the code on each page or get help from your web developer to assist you with it.

Copy and paste the code from Analytics to just above the <head/> tag in your page or template. Embedding this code will not affect your site’s visual appearance.


What Metrics can do for you

 After successfully connecting your website to Google Analytics, click “View Report” on the initial screen. This will redirect you to the main dashboard. In the left column, you’ll find different types of data Google Analytics provides:

  • Visitors – This tells you how many people come to view your website including location, language, how often they visit, and the browser or computer they log in from to get to your site.
  • Traffic Sources –From here, you are able to trace which keywords direct people to your site and which sites link to your webpage.
  • Content – This tab provides information into specific pages on your site. It can tell you what type of posts are most popular and help give answers as to how people enter and exit your site.
  • Goals – In this tab, you’ll find relevant information and significant data on desired actions from users, registrations, purchases and download hits.
  • Ecommerce – This tab is only useful if you’re selling products online as it displays all inventory and merchandise information.

These tabs mainly provide insights about certain divisions of your website, including top content, audience engagement and loyalty.

Whatever data you choose to monitor depends on the concerns you have for your site. For example, if your site is heavy on text like a news site, regularly update with keyword searches to help boost your online presence.

The key to easing in with Google Analytics is figuring out where you would like to focus on most.


Setting up the dashboard

The Google Analytics dashboard will provide you a visual outlook of a summary report to your site’s data. If you wish to customize the dashboard with whichever reports you want seen upfront, just go to the left column, click on the type of report to display and click “add to dashboard”. You may also position reports on the dashboard by dragging and dropping or even deleting whichever you choose.



You can dig in deeper into information established by hitting “View Report” located underneath the report graphic on your dashboard. A full report on your chosen topic will pop up.


Adjusting the Calendar

Before analyzing information from your reports, don’t forget to tweak the date range found in the upper right hand corner. Note that it defaults to a month long range, ending the day before the day you’re viewing the report. For instance, on March 3, the timeline for the report would be from Feb 3 to March 2.) Hit on the date range box and a calendar will appear. You have the option to adjust it to track or monitor data on a daily, weekly, quarterly, or whatever time frame that works best for you.


If you’d like to compare reports from 2 weeks ago to last week or whatever time frame, just click “Comparison” underneath the date range tab. A second calendar will pop up for you to adjust the time periods you want to consider.


Data Reports and Graphs

You will discover that most of the reports in Google Analytics such as page views and conversion rates are presented in linear graphs with the topic and date range chosen. Hovering your mouse over the dots will allow you to see measurements for that day, week or hour.



If you want to change the metric you wish to see, you may do so by simply clicking the tab above the graph on the left. You will then be presented with the option to compare two reports against each other. You can also compare against the site average. This is especially helpful if you’ve established objectives, as you can compare conversion goals to site activities.

Just below the graph, you’ll see more information displayed with summaries and scorecards showcasing overall metrics including pages per visit and time on site. A detailed metric report can be found in a table below. You can choose to see the report in a pie chart or bar graph by hitting on the icons just above the and to the right of the scorecards. You also have the option to make the data more accurate through the “Find Source” box and just type in the keyword relevant to your search.

If you’re skeptical about a certain measurement term, hit the question mark icon next to it and an explanation box will appear.


Sharing Reports

You’ll find an email icon at the top of the reports. You may send the report immediately, set or preschedule reports to send or if you’re presenting the report, export it as PDF (Google Analytics recommends this best), XML CSV or TSV file.




With the help of our Google Analytics guide, by this time you are able to find out for yourself if this tool is something you would prefer to live with or live without. The question is – how do you intend to make your online presence grow and survive? Tell us your thoughts!


The Money Is In The List – Hybrid Connect

As you have probably have heard by now when it comes to making money on the internet regardless of your industry is ” the money is in the list”


What do people mean by that?

The money is in your email list… and if you are not capturing emails on your website then you are leaving a ton of money on the table.


One of the reasons why getting an email so so important is because regardless of how well your website converts, most people are not ready to buy

right then and there. An email is always the first part of the sales funnel. In order to get people to opt-in (sign up) to your email list you need to provide

them with something truly of value. Maybe something like 7 tips on how to mow your yard (if your in landscaping) or a whitepaper that answers a problem

for your audience.


3 Different Ways To Get An Email

  1. pop-up
  2. siderbar
  3. under blog post


With Hybrid Connect I was able to easily add this opt-in form on the sidebar of the blog:


So what is my final say on Hybrid Connect?

I think it is an incredible tool that makes it easy to quickly build and customize opt-in forms and squeeze pages. I would highly recommend this product
to anyone with a website. You can buy it here (affiliate link) or through here (non affiliate link).

Keep in mind that we set-up hybrid connect on all of our clients websites for FREE. We do this because we know that at the end of the day traffic is only as good as you can monetize it.


The Money Is In The List – Hybrid Connect

As you have probably have heard by now when it comes to making money on the internet regardless of your industry is ” the money is in the list”


What do people mean by that?

The money is in your email list… and if you are not capturing emails on your website then you are leaving a ton of money on the table.


One of the reasons why getting an email so so important is because regardless of how well your website converts, most people are not ready to buy

right then and there. An email is always the first part of the sales funnel. In order to get people to opt-in (sign up) to your email list you need to provide

them with something truly of value. Maybe something like 7 tips on how to mow your yard (if your in landscaping)  or a whitepaper that answers a problem

for your audience.


3 Different Ways To Get An Email

  1. pop-up
  2. siderbar
  3. under blog post


With Hybrid Connect I was able to easily add this opt-in form on the sidebar of the blog:


So what is my final say on Hybrid Connect?

I think it is an incredible tool that makes it easy to quickly build and customize opt-in forms and squeeze pages. I would highly recommend this product
to anyone with a website. You can buy it here (affiliate link) or through here (non affiliate link).

Keep in mind that we set-up hybrid connect on all of our clients websites for FREE. We do this because we know that at the end of the day traffic is only as good as you can monetize it.


The Company That Tries To Steal My Ideas |

Would you do business with a company that blatantly copied all of First Page HQ blog post to try to compete because the owner Ryan Stewart can not think of any niches or keywords to target on his own lol.  imitators can always try to run an SEO company but in the end only the best will prevail. 🙂

Check this out: 1.

miami seo company - Google Search 2014-06-21 20-51-27

When you google Miami SEO Company you can see me on spot 4. Take a look at my blog post Url: Description:  Struggling to get traffic to your website? Get a flood of leads and sales with a Miami SEO company. Call 1-800-672-6974 | First Page HQ. ok now… let’s take a look at Marketic… - Google Search 2014-06-21 20-57-17





Url: Description: Marketic is a Miami SEO Company that gives it to you straight up. Hire us and your business more … [email protected]; (305) 901-6392. Menu.

2. When you Google Crossfit Marketing you can see me on spot 1 Take a look at my blog post.

crossfit marketing - Google Search 2014-06-21 21-03-36





Url: Now look who i found on page 2

crossfit marketing copy cats - Google Search 2014-06-21 21-05-59





Now there about 3 other blog post he is trying to copy like Attorney SEO. Honestly I am very flattered by the owner of Ryan Stewart but why would you consider hiring a company that can not think of any ideas on their own?

Lastly… Ryan is claiming on his website he claims to have generated $350,000 in sales in the past 3 months when reality is its closerto $12,000 LOL.

Is this guy for real?







Here is something else quoted on the about page “through these meetings I started working with a fellow marketer and we teamed up to form First Page HQ, an SEO agency. We experienced tremendous growth in a short period of time, but eventually I decided it was time to open my own shop.”

That fellow marketer is me… and I started First Page HQ in September of 2013,  It was not
until March of 2014 that I met Ryan.

Ryan is claiming to have started First Page HQ is when the reality is all he was
is a sales rep.


A Boca Raton SEO Company That Delivers

A recent study showed that there are over 2.21 BILLION indexed pages on the internet – with that much competition, your business needs help to be found. Here at First Page HQ, we’re a Boca Raton SEO company with a combined 50 years of online marketing experience. From local bakeries to large e-commerce stores, we’ve ranked over 1,500 websites on the first page of Google searches and we can do the same for your business as well.

Most Boca SEO firms will take an approach to drive more traffic –we don’t even waste our time pitching that to clients. Our methods will increase your traffic, that’s a given. We separate ourselves because of our 3 tiered approaches to getting your more business.

Boca Raton SEO company


First, we fix website errors.

This means the internal structure as well as the design and aesthetics. If your website looks sloppy, people will think your work is sloppy. Our team of designers will help you craft a beautiful and high converting website that will wow your customers.

Second, we select the right keywords.

We spend a lot of time selecting the right keywords for your campaign because it makes or breaks SEO campaigns. If you own a jewelry store, we’re not going to optimize the keywords “jewelry for sale”. Why? Because large companies like Zales spend over $1M a month on SEO. Instead, we’ll hammer down into your inventory and find ways to divert that traffic to your website in a manner that will fit your budget.

Third, we set our metrics to increase calls and sales.

As I said above, we don’t aim to increase traffic. What good will 1,000,000 monthly hits do if you don’t make any more money? Our end goal is always your end goal – increase your top line.

What Google is Looking For

Nowadays, Google is working its best to refer users to websites as well as deliver content that is relevant to their search terms. Below are a few factors that help to determine how relevant your website is.

-Quality Content

This revolves around Meta titles, Meta description and the body. It’s always good to have a catchy title and a Meta description. Don’t forget to make them related to the body of the articles.

-Performance and Loading Speed

How is your website loading? Does it have broken links? You should take care of the loading speed and make sure there are no programming errors.


Your site needs to have great content which other people, as well as other webmasters from your niche, can use as a reference. This will prove to search engines that your website is relevant.

-User Experience

You need to take care when you are designing your website. You should care a lot about how your website looks. A good design should be easy to navigate and should yield high conversions.

What if Today Was Your Google’s Birthday Day

first page hq boca seo services banner

If you were to give Google a birthday cake, do you think they would choose cake B? Wouldn’t they rather have a cake that looks good and delicious? Your content, information architecture, content management system, and infrastructure act as the frosting on your cake. Without it, your cake is dry, boring, and gets passed over in favor of the tasty frosted cake.

Busting SEO Myths

There are a lot of Boca Raton SEO companies out there. Some are good, while others are incompetent. Being in the business for almost a decade now, I have come to realize that some digital marketing firms will use fake claims to trick you into using their services.

Paying for Organic Listings

Organic listings are free; you don’t have to pay any fee to get organic listings. Search engine optimization companies should only charge you a consultation fee or charge you for working on your website in an effort to rank higher on a particular keyword.

-It Is Guaranteed

I have heard some people who call themselves search engine geniuses promising #1 placement on major search engines like Google and yahoo. When you encounter such providers, just rule them out and don’t risk buying from them. According to Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts, Google’s ranking algorithms are so complex that even Google employees would not figure them out. You also need to remember that your competitors are trying to get that top position as well.

– It’s a One-Time Job

It’s definitely not a one-time job. Google ranking algorithm keeps changes frequently. What made you rank today will not keep you ranking tomorrow. You cannot stop your campaigns because then your competitors will outrank you due to their continued campaigning. With that said, you will need to steer clear of those providers who promise to provide SEO service that will work for the future.

Do you need SEO services for your site? No need to worry as you can do it yourself or hire someone to work on it. However, you have to remember that it is a hard process and takes a lot of time. In this digital era, you find that tutorials are available on digital marketing for free and anyone can call himself a search engine optimizer as long as he/she has a computer. Once you decide to buy these services, make sure you are in a position to differentiate between a professional and an amateur. Most providers over-promise, so be sure you always ask them pointed questions to probe their expertise.

Give us a call at 1-800-672-6974 or [email protected] , stop by the office or reach out on the live chat (yes, we’re real and we’re ready to answer all of your questions). After working with us, the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t start sooner.