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The Money Is In The List – Hybrid Connect

As you have probably have heard by now when it comes to making money on the internet regardless of your industry is ” the money is in the list”


What do people mean by that?

The money is in your email list… and if you are not capturing emails on your website then you are leaving a ton of money on the table.


One of the reasons why getting an email so so important is because regardless of how well your website converts, most people are not ready to buy

right then and there. An email is always the first part of the sales funnel. In order to get people to opt-in (sign up) to your email list you need to provide

them with something truly of value. Maybe something like 7 tips on how to mow your yard (if your in landscaping) or a whitepaper that answers a problem

for your audience.


3 Different Ways To Get An Email

  1. pop-up
  2. siderbar
  3. under blog post


With Hybrid Connect I was able to easily add this opt-in form on the sidebar of the blog:


So what is my final say on Hybrid Connect?

I think it is an incredible tool that makes it easy to quickly build and customize opt-in forms and squeeze pages. I would highly recommend this product
to anyone with a website. You can buy it here (affiliate link) or through here (non affiliate link).

Keep in mind that we set-up hybrid connect on all of our clients websites for FREE. We do this because we know that at the end of the day traffic is only as good as you can monetize it.


3 Ways To Get More Patients With Plastic Surgeon SEO

Cut Down on Costs and Time by Hiring Only Credible Professionals

You can employ a number of effective plastic surgeon SEO techniques.  But how you effectively do this is also a skill that you must learn and acquire for yourself. You gain this in very much the same way as how you earned your expertise in the field of plastic surgery both actually takes some good amount of time to learn.  With respect to your field of concentration, you can come up with a custom program marketing strategy for your plastic surgeon SEO techniques. This kind of targeted effort will go far beyond the conventional SEO techniques and Web marketing strategies you may be aware of that are usually practiced by most businesses in their online marketing campaigns. To help you come up with an educated and wise decision in choosing the company to handle your plastic surgeon SEO needs, you may want to consider the following points.

  • Testimonials

The amount of success that you can have in your practice greatly depends on testimonials, and you have a good understanding of this.  When previous clients profess and vouch how good you are and how satisfied they are with your services to them, you in turn need to make good use of those to advance your interest and market yourself.  Most of the SEO companies you will find on the Web will have a dedicated page on their official website for their client testimonials and accolades.  This signifies that they are far more competent and trustworthy than any other companies.

  • Keywords

Another important element in securing success for your online marketing efforts are good well searched array of relevant keywords. The absence of good keywords meticulously selected for your plastic surgeon SEO campaign will spell your doom, reason being that web users searching the Net for the kind of products and services that you offer will have no way of ever finding your business in the search engines.  With respect to your aesthetic practice, indeed it can be very deleterious. You can just imagine first the amount of effort, money and other resources just to come up with a viable website, together with all the necessary elements in it, information as well as relevant links to it only to find out in the end that it is not performing as expected because there is no observable increase on the number of possible patients   interested in your offer.

Regardless if you are getting the services of a local SEO company or one from overseas, you can trust that they are highly reliable and dependable if they have a good idea of what keywords to use for your plastic surgeon SEO needs. Only that after you hire them for your project, they would specifically pick out the right terms to use for your company.

  • HTML Tags

Some people whose businesses have an online presence have this notion that good and effective use of carefully selected keywords alone would be more than enough to help their site land on the top pages of Google search results, wrong! This scarcely happens on Google. Google has other parameters in place to gauge the viability of a website; one important aspect of this that you should know is the proper use of tags in your website’s HTML code.  Your title tag stands for what you have decided to name your site with;   the meta tag would be for the selected keywords you’ve chosen to target; and the heading  tags, also referred to as H1 tags when all these are combined together and utilized effectively will spell a big difference  to your plastic surgeon SEO campaign. You need to make use of these tags wisely and in the right places throughout your website but not to a point that you are overusing them otherwise Google will simply flag down your site for spamming. An experienced SEO company will know exactly how to prevent this and make your site look good in the eyes of most search engines, specifically Google.

If you have this dire need to increase potential clients and convert them into regular ones, you need to make sure that you are employing ethical standards and utilizing too plastic surgery marketing techniques.

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SEO Starter Guide For 2013 – Life After Penguin

In the last few years, the term SEO has flooded the online marketing world, yet many business owners are not exactly sure what it is and how it can help their business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing traffic by boosting your website’s search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most cost effective method for gaining new traffic since it doesn’t require a substantial budget. It is also essential for any online business that wants to increase its market share. Earning a higher ranking will result in more online traffic and hopefully greater sales.

It is estimated that 70% of consumers start their purchasing process online using a search engine. The majority of these people will only click on the first few links and almost no one will visit links that are found beyond the third page of the results.

Solid SEO Strategy

SEO involves a specific marketing plan geared at enticing search engines and building online authority. There are countless great SEO techniques on the internet, but unfortunately there are also some you should avoid. Google’s web crawlers are looking for sites that try to scam the system and taking shortcuts will usually be penalized.

Links & Backlinks

Web crawlers look for essentially a spider web effect created by links and backlinks. If other reputable sites have made reference to your website or your articles and then link their content back to your site, it will give your site more creditability. You can also use links to reference other people’s content or your own content.

Search engine crawlers will reward natural link building. It is always better to have a few real links to a couple well-establish websites than it is to have hundreds of links that were created using a link building scam.

Lead Nurturing Content

Informative and keyword-rich content is viewed favorably by web crawlers and online visitors. You can increase your chances of converting new visitors by posting well-written content that actually answers their questions and concerns.

Although you will need to place the right keywords in the right places, it is the article itself that really matters. It has to be relevant to your website’s main purpose and provide some real value to the reader. Google will penalize sites that post illegible content or keyword-stuffed articles. Google has a reputation for being the leader in search engines, and their users expect relevant and helpful results. That is why so many of the old SEO tricks are no longer getting the results they once did.

Local SEO Strategy

Part of having the right keywords involves using your physical location to promote your website. Take, for example, a lawyer in Lansing, Michigan. Her web content and articles should reference Lansing and Michigan whenever it makes sense. When a potential client searches for “Lawyers in Lansing, Michigan” her site will directly match up with their search, which will push it to the top of the rankings.

SEO is a necessity in today’s global marketplace. It is the most efficient way to increase online exposure and attract new leads. Today’s savvy consumers also feel more comfortable trusting higher ranking websites. If your business does not already have an SEO strategy in place, you will have a lot of ground to make up. Fortunately, using the right strategy can take you from last place to first in a matter of a few months.


Why SEO Takes Long To Do

This is a question that makes many frustrated business owners keep asking again and again. It is a completely valid question but no one gets answered to his or her own satisfaction. As you will see, this time-consuming process is all part of an assurance and guarantee that your search engine optimization money is well-spent.

Why are search engine optimization results timely?
Search engines like Yahoo! And Google use spiders to read every page of your website, immediately after the pages have been read they are then indexed and stored in a search engines database. This alone is a time consuming process; This assures older websites a higher ranking compared to new sites, due to the time the spiders have had in indexing of their pages.

Timely Components of SEO

  • It takes some time in implementing the website contents. This involves researching & writing of contents.
  • The SEO process also takes a lot of time in attracting high quality back-links. These relevant links are also very important in adding value to your site on search engines.
  • In case of any change is made to your website; it slows down the SEO process since the new added content site needs to be reviewed and also indexed by search engines.
  • SEO results also depend largely on the type of industry/niche you are in. The bigger (more competitive) the industry, the longer it takes to optimize your website due to the increased number of competitors in your field. A site will not get ranked on the first page immediately if their niche/industry is overwhelmed with high quality competitors.
  • Regardless of the industry you are in, you need to start seeing results of SEO within the first three to four months of commencement.
  • It is much important for you to keep updating your keywords because there are new competitors entering your niche every day, continue optimizing your site where you see fit.

The SEO process takes time, yet with long term effects. Optimizing your business website is a means of forming credibility and good reputation with all the search engines on the internet. When all SEO good practices are put in place you can eventually be a successful online businessperson since your website will boost of the top positions in all search engines.

Why Your Website Needs SEO

What is SEO?

Everyone has heard of search engine optimization (SEO) but how many know what it is? The answer to this question is quite simple. Search engine optimization is basically a process that is used to improve the ranking of a website on various search engines result pages for searches related to that website. This process uses a combination of link building, social media and content creation. If you want to create an effective SEO for your website, you need to understand that what are search engine’s algorithms and their ranking factors.

Why does my website need SEO?

After knowing the meaning of SEO, the next question which arises is “Why a website needs search engine optimization? If you own a website you will definitely want to have your website at the top of search pages and one way of doing this is through Google Adwords. However it is not a sustainable option. SEO is a long term alternative that helps a business become visible through organic search.

1. Increase Your Rankings: A good search engine optimization plays an important role in increasing your website’s ranking on search engines.

2. Visibility: When the ranking of a website increases, its visibility on search engine pages automatically increases.

3. Increase Traffic: As your website gets high rank and becomes more visible on search engines, your website traffic will start increasing. It would be easily found by the visitors. For this, proper web design and website features are important. The reason is that they ensure that your new website visitors have a great experience on your website.

4. Increase Leads & Sales: When your website starts gaining huge organic traffic, there must be an increase in sales and leads. Again a good website design is very important in order to transform these visitors into leads and sales.

SEO can have a tremendous impact on your offline business and every business owner should understand how SEO works. SEO should play a vital part of every businesses marketing strategy.