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How to Boost Your Brand and Business with Twitter Chats


We have evolved into a society where real-time communication has become our way to surviving this fast-paced, techno-infused life. We are a digital, social and mobile generation. According to Flurry statistics, mobile usage grows 76% year over year. Lifestyle, productivity, social, fitness and travel rank accordingly.



Other than Facebook (as the leading social network), Twitter placing second, is considered to be one of the best channels to grow and expand your network including your business. So, if you have not yet considered incorporating Twitter to your marketing strategy, it’s about time to look into it. If you’re skeptical, this article will show you 5 definite ways you can boost your business with Twitter’s Tweet Chat.


What is Twitter chat or Tweet Chat? It is platform allowing real-time discussion on various niche topics using hashtags where people join to share and learn knowledge and expertise in their business.



Prospect leads and expand network – One unique and effective way of achieving this is by holding an event where you can bring people together to engage, learn and build stronger ties and deeper relationships. Not all businesses are able to hold an event or seminar but every business can host a Twitter chat.

To hold a successful Twitter chat (connecting your business to your potential market), you need to choose a niche topic that’s relevant to the voice of your audience.

For instance, HubSpot holds weekly Twitter chats that talk about the science and data of inbound marketing. Through this, webinars on inbound marketing are hosted (this makes an awesome lead generation tool) for the business. According to Cybranding hastag metrics “Hashtagify”, #scichat makes an average of 12 million impressions per week. How awesome is that?

As host, you can be sure to gain a multitude of new followers each time you hold the chat. As your chat becomes popular, your business will grow with it too.

Establish authority – Social media is a common platform where brand and businesses use to leverage authority in their niche and in the eyes of their customers. What’s a surefire way to boost make your presence known? Guest and be proactive in answering questions or providing insights in your area of expertise.


TWITTER_INFLUENCERSo you’re interested in joining a Twitter chat, how do you get invited to participate? Again, the key is to actively participate in Twitter chats and get to know the host the chat, connect with the host and tweet him or her on a regular basis. Becoming known as a valuable resource in the Twitter chat will ultimately drive you to become an authority.

If you want to step up and stand out, simply send the host an email and tell the host about your interest to guest chat. With the aim to generate leads online, make sure to update and optimize your Twitter profile before building your way into authority. For instance, if you are a social media specialist, make sure to add a link to your website or service page, book or product.

Sometimes (unexpectedly), you not only generate leads but also get offers to collaborate and be part of something bigger especially when they find you knowledgeable in your topic.

Connect on a personal level – As an active contributor in a Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge to customers and even colleagues. The more you participate, the more relationships you build the more you get recognized in your industry.
Each time you partake in a Twitter chat and contribute valuable advice and comments, you’ll gain new followers, generate leads for your business as people in and around your industry connect with you, so make sure your Twitter profile is designed and used to its full potential. The aim of your profile is to let people learn about you and your business.




Stay informed – Not everything about Twitter chat involves your business. It could be an educational experience for you too. As spectator, your objective is to discover Twitter chats where you can find a gold mine of professionals and experts in your niche. Marketing specialists, for instance, find educational opportunities in this Twitter chat list.

Promote your business – If you find a particular Twitter chat that attracts and engages your target market, it would be smart for you to connect with the host of the chat about sponsoring. Sponsorship packages depends on the Twitter chat niche you’re interested in however in general they include several of the following opportunities:

o Mention of your business as the sponsor during the Twitter or when recapping
o Promotion of services and/ products as the chat is hosted
o Position business as featured guest of the chat that gives way for you to work with that host on questions that amplify and market your business
o Advertise on websites or banners devoted to Twitter chats

**To find sponsorship opportunities relevant to your niche, Google search Twitter chat sponsorships.

In Conclusion

The beauty of Twitter chats: With hundreds of applicable niche topics touching every phase of your business, including some of the most reputable leaders in the industry hosting these chats, getting involved in it is a sure fire way to leverage your personal brand and business.


Remember that before deciding to partake a Twitter chat as guest or host, make sure to find and observe a chat within your niche so you know how it flows.

There are several and varied Twitter chats happening on a daily basis and you can spot them on this Twitter chat schedule from Tweet Reports or by simply searching Google for a keyword + Twitter chat.

If you are already involved in a Twitter chat, what are the benefits it provides your business?