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The Company That Tries To Steal My Ideas | Marketic.co

Would you do business with a company that blatantly copied all of First Page HQ blog post to try to compete because the owner Ryan Stewart can not think of any niches or keywords to target on his own lol.  imitators can always try to run an SEO company but in the end only the best will prevail. 🙂

Check this out: 1.

miami seo company - Google Search 2014-06-21 20-51-27

When you google Miami SEO Company you can see me on spot 4. Take a look at my blog post Url: http://firstpagehq.com/seo-company-miami/ Description:  Struggling to get traffic to your website? Get a flood of leads and sales with a Miami SEO company. Call 1-800-672-6974 | First Page HQ. ok now… let’s take a look at Marketic…

marketic.co-miami-seo-company- - Google Search 2014-06-21 20-57-17





Url: http://www.marketic.co/miami-seo-company/ Description: Marketic is a Miami SEO Company that gives it to you straight up. Hire us and your business more … [email protected]marketic.co; (305) 901-6392. Menu.

2. When you Google Crossfit Marketing you can see me on spot 1 Take a look at my blog post.

crossfit marketing - Google Search 2014-06-21 21-03-36





Url: http://firstpagehq.com/crossfit-marketing/ Now look who i found on page 2

crossfit marketing copy cats - Google Search 2014-06-21 21-05-59





Now there about 3 other blog post he is trying to copy like Attorney SEO. Honestly I am very flattered by the owner of Marketic.co Ryan Stewart but why would you consider hiring a company that can not think of any ideas on their own?

Lastly… Ryan is claiming on his website http://www.ryanstewart.org/ he claims to have generated $350,000 in sales in the past 3 months when reality is its closerto $12,000 LOL.

Is this guy for real?







Here is something else quoted on the about page “through these meetings I started working with a fellow marketer and we teamed up to form First Page HQ, an SEO agency. We experienced tremendous growth in a short period of time, but eventually I decided it was time to open my own shop.”

That fellow marketer is me… and I started First Page HQ in September of 2013,  It was not
until March of 2014 that I met Ryan.

Ryan is claiming to have started First Page HQ is when the reality is all he was
is a sales rep.