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A recent study showed that there are over 2.21 BILLION indexed pages on the internet – with that much competition, your business needs help to be found. Here at First Page HQ, we’re a Boca Raton SEO company with a combined 50 years of online marketing experience. From local bakeries to large e-commerce stores, we’ve ranked over 1,500 websites on the first page of Google searches and we can do the same for your business as well.

Most Boca SEO firms will take an approach to drive more traffic –we don’t even waste our time pitching that to clients. Our methods will increase your traffic, that’s a given. We separate ourselves because of our 3 tiered approaches to getting your more business.

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First, we fix website errors.

This means the internal structure as well as the design and aesthetics. If your website looks sloppy, people will think your work is sloppy. Our team of designers will help you craft a beautiful and high converting website that will wow your customers.

Second, we select the right keywords.

We spend a lot of time selecting the right keywords for your campaign because it makes or breaks SEO campaigns. If you own a jewelry store, we’re not going to optimize the keywords “jewelry for sale”. Why? Because large companies like Zales spend over $1M a month on SEO. Instead, we’ll hammer down into your inventory and find ways to divert that traffic to your website in a manner that will fit your budget.

Third, we set our metrics to increase calls and sales.

As I said above, we don’t aim to increase traffic. What good will 1,000,000 monthly hits do if you don’t make any more money? Our end goal is always your end goal – increase your top line.

What Google is Looking For

Nowadays, Google is working its best to refer users to websites as well as deliver content that is relevant to their search terms. Below are a few factors that help to determine how relevant your website is.

-Quality Content

This revolves around Meta titles, Meta description and the body. It’s always good to have a catchy title and a Meta description. Don’t forget to make them related to the body of the articles.

-Performance and Loading Speed

How is your website loading? Does it have broken links? You should take care of the loading speed and make sure there are no programming errors.


Your site needs to have great content which other people, as well as other webmasters from your niche, can use as a reference. This will prove to search engines that your website is relevant.

-User Experience

You need to take care when you are designing your website. You should care a lot about how your website looks. A good design should be easy to navigate and should yield high conversions.

What if Today Was Your Google’s Birthday Day

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If you were to give Google a birthday cake, do you think they would choose cake B? Wouldn’t they rather have a cake that looks good and delicious? Your content, information architecture, content management system, and infrastructure act as the frosting on your cake. Without it, your cake is dry, boring, and gets passed over in favor of the tasty frosted cake.

Busting SEO Myths

There are a lot of Boca Raton SEO companies out there. Some are good, while others are incompetent. Being in the business for almost a decade now, I have come to realize that some digital marketing firms will use fake claims to trick you into using their services.

Paying for Organic Listings

Organic listings are free; you don’t have to pay any fee to get organic listings. Search engine optimization companies should only charge you a consultation fee or charge you for working on your website in an effort to rank higher on a particular keyword.

-It Is Guaranteed

I have heard some people who call themselves search engine geniuses promising #1 placement on major search engines like Google and yahoo. When you encounter such providers, just rule them out and don’t risk buying from them. According to Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts, Google’s ranking algorithms are so complex that even Google employees would not figure them out. You also need to remember that your competitors are trying to get that top position as well.

– It’s a One-Time Job

It’s definitely not a one-time job. Google ranking algorithm keeps changes frequently. What made you rank today will not keep you ranking tomorrow. You cannot stop your campaigns because then your competitors will outrank you due to their continued campaigning. With that said, you will need to steer clear of those providers who promise to provide SEO service that will work for the future.

Do you need SEO services for your site? No need to worry as you can do it yourself or hire someone to work on it. However, you have to remember that it is a hard process and takes a lot of time. In this digital era, you find that tutorials are available on digital marketing for free and anyone can call himself a search engine optimizer as long as he/she has a computer. Once you decide to buy these services, make sure you are in a position to differentiate between a professional and an amateur. Most providers over-promise, so be sure you always ask them pointed questions to probe their expertise.

Give us a call at 1-800-672-6974 or [email protected] , stop by the office or reach out on the live chat (yes, we’re real and we’re ready to answer all of your questions). After working with us, the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t start sooner.