Does My Website Really Need A Blog?


I can list cliche reasons like Google favors sites with fresh & relevant content or it gives you a chance to establish expertise with your customers (both of which are 100% true), but I want to tell you the real reason why your website needs a blog.

No, I want to show you.

If you get a chance, head to Google and type in “crossfit marketing“. What you will see is the same results as below:

crossfit marketing

The first result is an article from our company blog on simple ways to market your CrossFit gym.

Well, so what?

Ranking on the first page of search results for “Miami SEO company” is extremely difficult (even though we own TWO of those positions **shameless plug**). So instead we attack sub niches that are less competitive.

Instead of ranking our home page and having potential customers get innudated with information, we crafted a targeted blog post that:

1. Shows them we know what we’re talking about.
2. Generates interest in our services.

This post alone drives over 250 hits a month to our website. While that may not seem like a lot, think about the quality of that traffic. The chances are the person searching for “crossfit marketing” is a gym owner/employee seeking help. This blog post alone has generated over 30 high quality (and high coverting) leads in the past 45 days.

So how can you apply this to your business?

1. Niche down. The first mistake people make is trying to tackle overly competitive markets. If you’re a real estate agent, blog about hot neighboords or zip codes. If you’re a clothing store owner, blog about a popular or exclusive item that you feature.
2. Write, write, write. Blogs are a pain; they take time and patience. However, when done correctly they are a great way to boost your online business organically.

There is a little more that goes into ranking a blog post – if you’re interested to find out how or you have any questions please feel free to reach out directly:

[email protected]

Posted By Sam Lozano