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Our SEO services are NOT For all businesses.

Here are businesses that we can help:

We would love to help everyone that has requested our expertise as the word is out after we have assisted hundreds of businesses achieve high-levels of success. We select the clients we work with very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. We only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.

Here it is:

1. You have an Active and Healthy business already.
Our services are for companies that are up and running already and simply want to move a lot faster and a lot farther. We do not work with:

A. Get Rich Quick Schemes

B. Adult Themed Material

C. Start Ups

2. You should have a steady flow of leads and customers. This means that you’re getting consistent traffic and making sales already. You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling your services. You don’t have to be a household name …You just need to be PRESENT in your market.

3. You must have a good, solid product and a good reputation. Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

That’s it! Those are all our requirements

If you meet the criteria above and would like to speak with us personally about getting you incredible results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. Here’s how the process works: First, you’ll need to fill the discovery form below.
Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth…We’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth …and we’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues…based on the exact same process that’s generating millions for our clients right now. Your initial call will be between 45 and 60 minutes.



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1. Selecting The Right Candidates

 Organic Search:

Begin your search with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only are search engines a trust worthy source for referrals, but any SEO company worth their salt should be able to rank their own website.

It’s kind of like taking diet advice from someone who is overweight – would you really want to work with a company that can’t even deliver results for themselves? Look for a company that ranks multiple content sources – YouTube videos, info graphics, blog posts – theses are the companies who truly understand the ins-and-outs of search algorithms and deliver the same sort of creativity to your business.

Social Media:

Search engines can no longer ignore the power and importance of social media. Google’s search algorithm reflects this by allowing sites like Facebook, Twitter and [of course] Google+ to show up on the first page for search results.

A reputable SEO company should understand the importance of social media and it should be reflected in their presence. At the bare minimum, look for a Facebook and Google+ page with a strong following and consistent updates. Building a social media presence takes time and patience – its important to select an SEO company that is paying attention to the details of their own business and taking the time to do things right.


Google puts out a number of releases stressing the importance of content to help boost your rankings organically. For this reason, almost every search engine optimization company will have a blog on their website. However, most search engine optimization companies will cut corners by outsourcing their blog or writing short articles simply for keyword related rankings. Stay away from these companies! You want to select an SEO company that has a content rich blog that provides in depth information on how you can improve your website without their help.

2. Asking The Right Questions

Now that you’ve gone through and identified a few candidates, you’re going to want to talk to them on the phone (or in person) and ask them the right questions. The following is a list of questions you can ask and some answers you’ll want in response:

How will you select which keywords to optimize? Keyword research is a long and arduous process. For this reason many SEO firms cut corners and select the wrong keywords for your business to optimize. It is extremely important to understand their research process and how the keywords they select will drive traffic to your website.

What aspects of SEO will you provide? SEO is much more than just setting up a blog and checking the keyword density of your posts. A good SEO firm will have a checklist of everything they need to push your site up the rankings, including social signals, link building and original content creation.

Will you help optimize traffic for conversions? A good SEO firm will be able to analyze your website to determine if it is ready for an influx of traffic. From coding to color schemes, if your website isn’t optimized to capture the traffic and turn it into sales leads, then SEO is a waste of your time. A good firm will be able to provide this analysis and recommendations and no extra cost. Remember, the goal of SEO for your business shouldn’t be to increase traffic, it should be to increase sales.

How will you generate content? Content is a huge part of Google’s algorithm and any good search company will tell you this. If you’re paying a large monthly sum then you should expect that company to handle your content as well. Make sure to ask for blog samples to make sure the content is clear, impactful and more importantly original.

3. Follow Up With Details

After you’ve had conversations with a couple of firms make sure that you follow up and get some important information in writing. You’re going to want to make sure that they have a good track record and can demonstrate results with previous clients. Ask for:


Samples of their work

Tenure working in SEO

Exactly what their services entail

How they are going to help increase your top line

4. Make Your Selection

At this point you should have enough information to make a selection. Even with all this information, don’t lose sight of [what should be] the ultimate goal: increasing sales. Almost any SEO company can help improve your Google rankings, increase traffic and structure your keywords – only the best ones can increase your revenue.

I really can’t stress this enough. Increasing visitors to your website just isn’t enough – simply doing so could be flushing money down the toilet. A good SEO company isn’t cheap – they require a significant investment on your part. However, if you make the right choice your investment will pay lucrative dividends for years to come.

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