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It is not uncommon to find many graphic designers struggling to create the perfect landing page, as it is well known that a good design can mean the success or failure of a website.

If you want to increase the return on your investment in any action of online marketing, you need to create a landing page. That is the main goal of them, to get ROI and justify your tactics in the online world.

That’s why they are optimized specifically and individually, based on the product or service that each client want to promote. This means that if your company sells 100 different products, it is necessary to develop a landing page for each product, with their own texts images and obviously their own keywords. It seems quite work, and it is here that comes into play Leadpages.


So pay attention to this Leadpages review, to discover what advantages can bring your online activities, and to decide whether to use this tool or not. And first of all it is important to answer questions: What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a user friendly tool which aims to help you to build effective and stylish landing pages that will generate the best conversion rates. as well as providing other conversion tools to help get you more leads for your business. Simple and quick process are key and the advantage of Leadpages.

Basically, it is a tool that lets you create landing and squeeze pages (pages capture and landing pages) with five very important characteristics: aesthetically pleasing (some more than others to be honest), high conversion, fast to implement, and easy to do and have extra conversion tools to help you get maximum benefit. The good thing about this platform is that even if you have no technical knowledge, you shouldn’t worry. It is highly intuitive, very easy to use for almost any person.

LeadPagesLPTemplatesSo maybe you are wondering: What kind of pages can you create? well here is the list: pop-ups, squeeze pages, pages capture or subscription, pages to promote a webinar, presale pages, 404-pages and also pages with videos. At their website, you can see all their templates to select the best options for you. Leadpages counts with over 70 templates to quickly and easily generate landing pages.

And once we have talked about what we can do with this tool, it’s time to talk about prices.



Leadpages offers options for monthly and yearly subscriptions, however this tool don’t offers free trail to their members. You could also buy its annual proposal with a 40% discount and 30 days refund certificate.

The difference between the standard or pro version is the option to work with members on everything. If you do not work with affiliates, you are not going to need.
With this tool, you can create and capture leads directly to your Facebook page. Which It’s fantastic because you can get subscribers without their having to leave Facebook to sign up to your list.

images (1)

Another advantage of these templates is that they are responsive. This simple, fast and beautiful invent software that simply accept everything necessary to achieve expand your conversion rate without going crazy, suit different screens: mobile, tablet, HD or Full HD monitors) and It aims to create incredibly useful and robust tools to make your life easier in the online marketing.Leadpages is a productive and efficient tool with which you will save the little time you have to invent your landing pages.


LeadPages is a company that provides various tools to improve the way in which companies make their online marketing through landing pages and easier to join a list of subscribers forms. Leadboxes of LeadPages is one of its solutions whose function is to create a popup window that allows the record to a list to generate new subscribers.

The main advantage is that it allows LeadBoxes increase the number of subscribers, from anywhere on the web, without the need to create a landing page. Simply add code to any webpage to work. The only requirement for using this tool is that it allows the website include a link Script and HTML.

With this you can include the link to the popup from the sidebar of a blog, in a publication or anywhere else where there is the possibility of publishing a link. What’s more, even may have a dual use, enables the quantity of these pop-ups you join a webinar, while the information is saved in your list of subscribers.

Once you have the service, create a LeadBox is quite easy and fast. The first thing to do is access the software and go to the section called “my LeadBoxes” located in the top menu. Then click on “create new LeadBoxes”.

You will have the option to customize the popup much as you want, easily; You can change the text, the font, the font size, the space between the text, background colors, button and letters, add a border, choose the information that will ask the user to insert images, etc.

images (3)Also with Leadpages can create and capture leads (prospects) directly on your Facebook page. The templates they offers are 100% compatible with Facebook. And post the landing on your fanpage is as simple that what is seen so far, in a trice:post your Leadpage, choose your Facebook page where it will be said landing and you are ready.

To dig deeper on this last point, some of the best places to include a link to LeadBox are at the end of each publication, article busiest your blog, under “About Us” and Articles who has had more readers of your blog; this would be worthwhile also to include it as pop-up and not only as a link that people have to click; on the other hand, if the content proves to be of great importance for the users could assess the option to provide your e-mail is a requirement for access.

If you are freelance, blogger, or have a company and have little time to invent professionals within your web pages (www) to help you expand your conversion rate of this tool it is for you. The perfect place to increase your sales push.

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