About Samuel Lozano

Samuel Lozano is the founder of First Page HQ. He helps companies of all sizes

grow their revenue by crafting custom digital marketing strategies that

  1. Gets them thousands of targeted visitors per day.
  2. Turns those visitors into leads or sales.


Samuel has 10 years of digital marketing experience and has generated thousands

of leads and sales in industries ranging from nutracutical ecommerce stores, to

local Attorney Real Estate Brokers, Crossfit gyms and many more.


When it comes to marketing your business online you need to find the right

company to partner with. It can be difficult to find the right company with so many

fly by night companies and individuals that claim to be experts at everything.


Only hire a company that is reputable with tons of testimonials and proof of their



Whats the easiest way to do this? Google Miami SEO and only hire those on page 1.


80 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33130